Sir Fainal's Phoenix Blade IV.5

Location: Nulgath Nation Armaments - Forge of the Forlorn
Price: N/A

Sellback: 100 Gold
Level: 43
Power: Base 920 (+0), Max: 950 (+30)
Craft Time: 30 Minutes
Speed Up: N/A
Description: Fainal's Phoenix Blade seems to have split into 2 paths, the casting runes provided by Balis have overpowered the naturally accurate Phoenix Runes in the blade. Offering faster casting, while retaining its new bulkier and heavy values.

You still appreciate the Blade's abnormally empower HP at the trade of sharpness and offensive prowess, but it's the Blade no longer feels heavy, despite its looks. Severely increasing the speed of it at the cost of Critical. Ideal for Pure Healer builds.

Type Bonus (Base) Bonus (Max)
Health +1,376 +1,555
Attack +1,646 +1,860
Crit +688 +778
Haste +1,081 +1,222


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