Site Feature FAQ

General Site FAQ (the important stuff)

Q: What do these images mean?

legacylarge.png legacysmall.png

A: These image tags are used to indicate content (usually items) that are no longer obtainable.

Simply put, no longer obtainable or accessible by any means until further notice.

Q: What does this mean then?

seasonallarge.png seasonalsmall.png

A: These image tags are used to indicate content that is reoccurring / returning annually (usually once a year) from an event.

In other words, they will return at least once a year.

Archives FAQ

Q: What are the Archives?
A: The Archives were introduced as a way of accessing previous recorded information more easily.

Q: How does this affect me?
A: It shouldn't have a major effect on regular wiki users. It should make pages less cluttered and more clean. You should be seeing less strikethroughs and collapsibles when browsing.

Q: Will this affect tag searching?
A: It should not. Lists should still be functional and working as if the Archives were never added.

Q: Will this affect searching in general?
A: It shouldn't. If you happen to accidentally stumble onto an archived page from searching, you will be able to access the original page via a Note near the bottom of each page.

Q: Why are there no rarity tags on the archive pages?
A: It's unnecessary to do so, considering the original pages have them.

Q: The page is taking longer than usual to load. Is this usual?
A: There are a lot of items to load as the list is automatically updating. It should not take more than 10 seconds to load.

Q: I can't access the Archives. Is there any other way to access an archived page?
A: If you are having issues with loading the Archives, navigate to the page you wish to access archived content, and add '-old' to the end of the url, for example, ''. As always, there will be a note at the bottom of the page which allows you to return to the current page. Alternatively, you may search up a page and add "old" to the end of the name.

Q: How can I access the Archives aside from going to the homepage?
A: The archives can be located on the top bar or the left side bar, under Other Info.

Q: I don't like *example* / Something is wrong. Can I change it?
A: If something has updated in-game, you may update any wiki and Archive pages related to whatever got updated in-game (if you wish to create/update any Archive pages, please refer to the section below). If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns regarding the Archives, please PM a wiki mod or admin here, or you may message a wiki mod/admin on Twitter here.

Sets FAQ

Q: What are set pages?
A: Set pages are pages that will include every item in a set, including its total crafting time, total stats, total cost, etc. Most set pages will also show the full image of a set being worn. For editors, these images are not required, but highly recommended.

Q: Where can I find set pages?
A: They can be accessed from any item that is a part of a set. They will also be linked in the Items section.

Q: Why doesn't __ __ __ have a set page?
A: There are a few reasons as to why a set page for a set of items isn't made: insufficient information, set lacks more than 4 items, or the page has not been made yet. The answer you are probably looking for is the second one. There are some exclusions, but the general idea is that no set page is being made if there are less than 4 items.

Q: These items definitely make a set, there should be a set page!
A: If you strongly believe that certain items belong to a set (eg. David's set with Unbound Boots/Gloves) please send over an explanation in the Wiki Suggestions Thread.

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