Skew Quest Pet


Price: 2,000 Dragon Crystals
Level: 1
Description: Skew's the Enchanter of Darkness offers you his Dark Deals on the go!

This Quest Pet allows for easier trade of Nulgath resources quests on the go.
Note: You may only have one of this item.

Enchanter of Darkness
I server only one Master. Soon, you will serve him, too.

Who is your Master?
The Archfiend, Nulgath. I have seen the signs of his return, and the time is near.
Prepare, hero! With the Oblivion Blade in the hands of its champion, the path to the Oversoul will be open once more.

Looking for more power?
I don't know if you are ready yet for my master's excellence…

But I suppose a small test would do.
- Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
- 8th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath companion
- Abaddon's Cruelty
- Nulgath's Rewards Preview Shop
- Where do I start?

Nulgath Nation Loyalty Quests
Looking to prove your worth among the Master's Nation? Shows me how much you have progressed, and how much power you have gathered. And I will acknowledge your reputation in the Nation ranks
- Nation Loyalty: Abaddon's Cruelty
- Nation Loyalty: 8th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
- Nation Loyalty: Phoenix Blade of Nulgath II
- Nation Loyalty: Nation Follower

Skew's Dark Deals
If you can bring me the right materials.
I can use my dark habilities to taint, create, destroy or transmutate as you see fit.

Soul Gem Quests
- Soul Gems: Defeated Makai
- Soul Gems: Arcane Rune
- Soul Gems: Bone Dust Reagent
- Soul Gems: Box Reagent

- Contract of Nulgath: Tattered Contracts
- Tattered Contract of Nulgath: Errant Void Hunt
- Diamond of Nulgath: Diamond Shards
- Diamond of Nulgath: Dark Deal
- Dark Crystal Shards: Nation Void Scraps
- Dark Crystal Shard: A Tainted Deal
- Dark Crystal Shard: Tainted Diamond Shard
- Dark Crystal Shards: Fiend Dragon Blood
- Dark Crystal Shard: Diamond Transmutation
- Diamond Shards: Diamond Transmutation
- Tainted Phoenix Runes: Tainting Legacy

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