Skiffmaster Squint

Luckiest Skipper in the Sandsea
There's nobody better than me at navigating through the Sandsea's deadly dunes!

Who are you?
What do mean, "who are you?" I'm Skiffmaster Squint, the best sand sailor you'll ever meet! I've seen and survived it all, and I'll tell ye… There's a whole mess of danger hiding -- and waiting -- beneath these sands!

Skiff Travel
Where is is that you want to go?
- Travel to the Valley of the Undying King
- Travel to Sandsea Desert Ruins

Travel to a Not-So-Secret Hideout?
Ah, so you're friends with you-know-who, too? I can take you there. Just don't tell anyone about me helping out the rebels, you got that?
- Travel to Rebel Camp


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