Skorpienne Defeated!


Zhoom: We did it! We stopped Skorpienne. Now everyone will be safe.
Lord Sekt: Everyone but us, you fool! Look around -- The pyramid is being pulled apart back into the Ethereal realm!
Lord Sekt: If we don't leave soon, we'll be torn apart as well.
Hero: Then let us all hurry to the portal!
Zhoom: Uh, we have a problem -- The portal back to the Great Pyramid is gone.
Hero: What?!
Zhoom: Figures… With Skorpienne gone, so too is the portal!
Hero: What are we going to do?
Zhoom: I can see the valley below us through the missing blocks in the pyramid. Anyone feel like jumping?
Hero: Sekt, could you teleport us to the ground?
Lord Sekt: If I could, do you think I would still be here?
Lord Sekt: I can only teleport to the location of the trinket, which is still in your possession.
Hero: The trinket… Of course!
Hero: Zhoom, if you tied this trinket to one of your arrows, could you fire it close to Sekt's temple?
Zhoom: Then Sekt can teleport us to his temple. Brilliant!
Lord Sekt: Ha! Like Zhoom could make that shot!
Zhoom: Oh, I'll stick an arrow right through the head of one of your hideous statues. How about that?!
Hero: Just get it as close to the temple as you can. We're counting on you.
Lord Sekt: If succeeds, then I may be able to teleport us to the ground.
Lord Sekt: But I can't promise that it'll be a smooth or even successful trip.
Hero: At this point we don't have many options.
Zhoom: I hit my mark. Are we ready to leave?
Lord Sekt: I don't see the point of waiting any longer. Hold on tight, and keep your fingers crossed!

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