Skorpienne's Offer


Hero: What have you done to Sekt?
Skorpienne: Nothing he didn't do to himself.
Lord Sekt: <Hero>, please, we must do something. We mustn't let Skorpienne get away with this!
Skorpienne: Oh, Sekt. Pleading is such a bad look for you… Try to die with some dignity.
Skorpienne: Besides, <Hero> should be rooting for your death, because then your wish goes 'poof', and the lamp returns to the desert to be collected again.
Hero: So I could go back to recollect the lamp pieces to make my wish?
Skorpienne: Well… A wish. I won't allow the one you have in mind… But any number of things could be yours!
Skorpienne: So what do you say, <Hero>? Would you be so kind as to speed up the process by putting Sekt out of his misery.
Lord Sekt: Don't listen to her… Can't you see this is what she wants!
Lord Sekt: Everything she does is to create more death and misery!
Skorpienne Including allowing a fool like you to become "The Supreme Ruler of the Sandsea!" Oh, what a laugh that was.
Skorpienne Watching you ruin countless lives for generations was worth being banished by my peers from this disgusting realm.
Lord Sekt: I… tried my best to lead Sandsea into prosperity…
Skorpienne And that's what makes it so hilarious! You truly believed you were doing good.
Hero: Enough! This cruelty ends now. I won't let your lamp be used for evil any longer.
Skorpienne You want to destroy my lamp? And exactly how do you intend to accomplish that?
???: <Hero> won't need to… Because I will!

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