Peace to you, traveler.

- Basic Gear
- Elemental Cache
- Slifsgaard's Quests

Spirit Crafting
Harness the power of the World Tree and the Elementals within!
- Primal Crafts
- Spirit Weapons
- SoothSayer Gear
- Dream Warden
- Elemental Aspects
- Lost Temple Crafts

- Void Knightmare (Story)
- Void Knightmare (Challenge)

The Story So Far
Much has happened…
- World Tree Intro
- Spirit Trouble
- The World Tree
- The Shaman
- What Is A Shaman
- Spirit Wings
- Walking among the spirits
- Elemental Planes
- Once a Warrior
- Your Own Option
- Compare Notes
- Rules Of Dreaming
- Enter Sandman
- The Shaman's Sacrifice
- All Things Change


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