Smeavil (Cutscene)


Smeavil (Smelly Sneevil): Oh precious! Where are you precious!
Hero: Precious, what's your precious?
Smeavil (Smelly Sneevil): I lost my precious and it is all Sneegoll's fault!
Hero: Who is Sneegoll?
Smeavil (Smelly Sneevil): He's a monster, that's what he is.
Smeavil (Smelly Sneevil): He chased away master, calling him fat, and stole the precious from us.
Hero: Us? Is there anyone else in here?
Smeavil (Smelly Sneevil): You get our precious back for us and wills rewards you.
Hero: Who is we again?
Smeavil (Smelly Sneevil): We'll make pickaxe and bombs for you.

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