Sneegoll's Introduction


Sneegoll (Smelly Sneevil): Who are you? Come to steal my precious? Oh precious!
Hero: Calm down! I don't even know what your precious is!
Sneegoll (Smelly Sneevil): Liar … Sneegoll… Sneegoll… are you working for that traitor, Smeavil?
Hero: Do you mean that other cuckoo in the other mine?
Sneegoll (Smelly Sneevil): It's all his fault, his and that fat hobbits. My precious they stole it from us.
Hero: Us? Who is us?
Sneegoll (Smelly Sneevil): They stoles it from us! Help me find it and I won'ts kills you.
Sneegoll (Smelly Sneevil): Besides we cans makes better bombs than little crying Smeavil.

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