So you're in charge here?


Hero: So you're the one in charge here?
General Gaspar (The Law in this Town): In a manner of speaking.
General Gaspar: It's been my sworn duty for many, many years to keep everyone in this town safe.
General Gaspar: And it's a job I do not take likely.
General Gaspar: After all, the Sandsea is a dangerous place…
General Gaspar: …and every day, I make sure that danger never enters these walls.
General Gaspar: So if I appeared a little cross the first time we met…
General Gaspar: …understand that I had my people's safety in heart.
Hero: I can imagine.
Hero: It's a difficult job taking care of the people you care about…
Hero: …but it's also the most rewarding job there is.
General Gaspar: Ain't that the truth!
General Gaspar: You something… you're alright, <Hero>.
General Gaspar: I feel like you might make a good contribution to this community.
General Gaspar: But that's enough chit-chat for now. I'll see you when I see you.
Hero: Alright, then. See you later, Alligator!
General Gaspar:
General Gaspar: What did you just say?
Hero: See you later… Alligator?
Hero: It's a play on words that I now really regret saying out loud.
General Gaspar: Oh, I get it now…
General Gaspar: Ha! That's funny.
General Gaspar: Can't say I've heard that one before…
Hero: Really?
General Gaspar: Of course I have! I'm a gator, for crying out loud…
General Gaspar: Now get going before I put you behind bars for your crimes against comedy!

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