Speck's Thanks


Speck (Heroic Mouse): The Vurrmen's hold on my people is broken!
Speck (Heroic Mouse): <Hero>, I thanketh thee from the depths of mine ownbeing.
Hero: The Vurrmen will fight back, this is just an opening.
Speck (Heroic Mouse): Aye, but an opening is all that we needeth.
Speck (Heroic Mouse): This is the first step to retaking the Mouse Kingdom.
Speck (Heroic Mouse): We now has't a cause to rally around… a reason to fight.
Hero: And a leader to guide your people in their battle.
Speck (Heroic Mouse): What dost thou mean?
Hero: Speck, you had the courage to defy your oppressors.
Hero: You were wise enough to know you couldn't defeat them alone…
Hero: … And clever enough to think of a plan to find me and get me in here.
Hero: You risked your life to help your people when you came to find me.
Hero: With courage and wits like yours, you will make a fine leader of mice.
Speck (Heroic Mouse): I thank thee, hero. I shall doeth what I am able.
Speck (Heroic Mouse): Thou art always welcome in the Mouse Kingdom.

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