Spirit Crystal (Cutscene)


Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): Now comes the fun part…
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): I just stick the spirits orbs in the Crystal.. viola… Imprisoned!
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): It's sorta like packing for a trip, but metaphorically, the suitcase is never big enough for your spirit.
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): Stand back… or don't. I don't relly care.
Hero: zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZCRACK!!
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): There you go.
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): All the joy of imprisoning spirit energy, but absolved of all the guilt since I was the one who did it.
Hero: Thanks?
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): If you need more Spirit Crystals, can always come back. (Crafting Unlocked)
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): You Will be coming back one way or another.
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): * Viscerra Vex gives you the warm pleasant smile of an Evil Librarian *
Hero: So, I just take this crystal, skull, and wood to the Lady of Crimson Lake?
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): Oh yes. Toss them in and the Lady of Crimson Lake will judge you…
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): Crossing my fingers that you come back a corpse!
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): Remember, the contract you signed is binding!
Hero: Uh, thanks? again?

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