Spirit Dricken's Quest

Quest Location: Dream Plane
Quests Begun From: Spirit Dricken
Note: This quest appears during the "Phantom Creature" in 'Researching the Anomaly' quest.

Spirit Dricken
Oh! It's you! What a nice surprise! I don't get many visitors here, which is strange since everybody sleeps, you know? What brings you back here anyways? You want some 'samples' to bring back to the waking world?

Well, I could help you with that but first could you do me a favor? It's pretty lonely and drab up here. Sometimes I can see glimpses of the waking world below and it just all looks so colorful! Do you think you could help me find some decorations to help spruce up the place?

Items Required:


  • 35 Gold
  • 350 Exp


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