Spirit Trouble

Locations/Replays: Slifsgaard - World Tree

H'rok (Raven Spirit Guide): HELP! Help!
Hero: Hmm. Why would someone train a raven to say 'help'?
H'rok (Raven Spirit Guide): I'm not trained. I'M ASKING FOR YOUR HELP!
Hero: Oh!
Hero: What's the matter, birdy?
H'rok (Raven Spirit Guide): Well, first off… it's not "Birdy". My name is H'rok.
H'rok (Raven Spirit Guide): I'm a spirit guide for the shamans of the World Tree.
H'rok (Raven Spirit Guide): Well… back before the others left. There's only one shaman now.
Hero: Sorry, H'rok. I'm Hero. What's wrong?
H'rok (Raven Spirit Guide): The spirits can't communicate with Slifsgaard the Shaman anymore.
H'rok (Raven Spirit Guide): It has something to do with the World Tree. Something must be happening to it.!
Hero: I'll go and check it out.

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