Spooky Battleon



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Map Name: battleonm
Access Points:

  • /join battleonm
  • Click on the Teleporter Crystal at Battleon

Custom Screens

Aria's Exotic Pet Shop
In Development
Aria is currently out obsessively capturing Pokemon on her phone. Shop re-opens soon.

Become a Guardian
Upgrade to Guardian to access the tower, get the Guardian Class, and unlock special quests for the Weapon, armor set, and more.

Bonus: The warm & fuzzy feeling of support the game's ongoing development.

Book Wyrm's Library
Coming Soon
Do you like beating fiction to a pulp? Help suggest ideas for what features should go in this location.

Custom Homes For Sale!
Coming Soon
"Home is where you hang your helm", and at Centaur 21 our homes are designed to accomidate crazy huge, anime style, mega Troluk sized helms.

Secret Tombstone
Unearthing Soon
You stumbled on a secret. The ground crumbles below your feet… Currently in development.

The Battleon Museum
In Development
A place of wonder & Lore. Artifact hunts and strange books about monsters and magic items.

The Unusual Apothecary
Coming Soon
There is a help wanted sign posted out front and a lot of burn stains on the floor inside.

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