Player Stats


Health, also known as the "red bar" on your character box, is the determining factor of the amount of damage you can take. It gets reduced when you are attacked and hit by enemies. Once you reach 0 Health, you will die and you must wait a set amount of seconds before you are able to respawn (3 seconds in non-hostile areas, 10 in hostile areas). Health is naturally regenerated outside of combat, and can also be regenerated with the use of certain class skills and potions.

"Keeps you healthy."


Mana is better known as "that blue bar beneath your health". Mana allows you to cast class skills that consume Mana. Mana will naturally regenerate overtime, but will regenerate slower while in combat. Mana can be also be regenerated by using potions.

"Used to cast spells."


Attack determines how much damage you can do to an opponent. The much stronger your attack, the more damage you can inflict.

"Increases damage dealt to enemies."


Armor determines the reduced amount of incoming damage you take during combat. The stronger your armor, the weaker your opponents attacks are.

"Lowers damage taken from enemies."


Evasion determines your evasion chance, which allows you to avoid incoming attacks that would normally inflict damage to you.

"Increases chance to dodge attacks."


Crit determines the likeliness of dealing additional bonus damage (a critical attack) on any attack you inflict on your opponent.

"Increases chance to deal extra damage."


Haste affects cast speed and cooldowns, which allows for faster attacks.

"Increases cast speed of spells."

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