Stephen's Tragedy


Anne (Rice Farmer): Please help! My husband was bitten!
Morgul (Necromancer): Bitten by what?
Anne (Rice Farmer): I don't know! He's really sick. Can anyone save him?
Lucretia (Apothecary): Rest assured, ma'am, he'll be fine.
Stephen (King's Guard (Retired)): *On the floor* AGGGGH? What is happening to me!?
Morgul (Necromancer): Nope. He's turning.
Anne (Rice Farmer): Oh no… oh no… please… please help him!
Morgul (Necromancer): Hmmm. Excuse me, madam.
Morgul (Necromancer): When he dies, can I have his body for research?
Lucretia (Apothecary): Morgul!
Morgul (Necromancer): What? He's clearly a goner.
Hero: Can't you guys make a potion or cast a spell?
Morgul (Necromancer): Wake up. This isn't some fantasy tale where you're the hero.
Morgul (Necromancer): What are you going to do? Run around collecting ingredients to magically save the day?
Hero: Yes!
Morgul (Necromancer): Sorry. You're in Darkovia now.
Stephen (King's Guard (Retired)): *On the floor* AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Morgul (Necromancer): …and this guy was bitten by a vampire.
Lucretia (Apothecary): How can you tell?
Morgul (Necromancer): Because he just turned into a ghoul.
Stephen (King's Guard (Retired)): *Rising from the floor* BLOOOD!!!!! FLESSSHHHH!

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