Traveling Merchant
Welcome to the mart… Heromart! Artix Entertainment's one and only real-world loot shop! I'm Stryche, a traveling merchant, and I've got gear you can /equip not only online, but offline as well - t-shirts, calendars, posters, and more! Check out my merch at or get reward gear with HeroPoints.

HeroPoints Rewards
Exchange the HeroPoints that you earned from shopping at for exclusive In-Game rewards.

Treasure Hunter Collections
Find HeroPoints Tresure Hunter Collections Here!
- Great Thief Collection
- Dark Thief Collection

Chronomancer Collections
Find HeroPoints time-warped and time-displaced items here.
- Chrono Shadowhunter Collection
- Obsidian Paladin Chronomancer Collection
- Quantum Chronomancer Collection

Darkon's Debris Collection
Find HeroPoints Darkon's Debris Collection Here!
- Darkon's Creatures Collection

Undead Legion Collections
Find HeroPoints Undead Legion Collections Here.
- Undead Legion Artifact Collection
- Future Paragon Mk 1 Collection

Talk Like a Pirate Collections
Find HeroPoints Talk Like a Pirate Collections here.
- Immortal Edge Pirate Collection

Mogloween Collection
Find HeroPoints Mogloween Collections Here.
- Boxhead Shrade Collection

HeroMart Rewards
You can access all of your HeroMart rewards here.

- Moglins

Calendar Collections
This is a special storage for time-warped and time-displaced items. They are accessible to you in a stable state.
- 2024 Chrone Shadowslayer
- 2023 Paladin Chronomancer
- 2022 Continuum Chronomancer
- 2021 Draconic Chronomancer
- 2020 Underworld Chronomancer
- 2019 Corrupted Chronomancer
- 2018 Eternal Chronomancer
- 2017 Chronomancer

- T-Shirt and Hat Rewards
- Posters and Prints
- Bundle and Combo Rewards

Location: Battleon Scholar District

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