Stygis (Cutscene)


«Scene: The Hero meets up with Stygis by the dock»

Hero: Hi, are you Stygis?

Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): I am. Who might you be?

Hero: I'm <hero>. I'm looking into the history of Doomwood.

Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): Ah, an enterprising young necromancy student, eh?

Hero: Something like that.

Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): You've come to the right Necromancer!
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): I'm not just the ferryman to the Isle of the Dead…
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): …I'm also fully trained in the necromantic arts and something of a Doomwood historian.

Hero: What can you tell me about Xargoul?

Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): Ah, Xargoul! The Bone Hoarder.
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): He was the Necromancer who is responsible for the current state of Doomwood.
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): Xargoul would begin wars with the living just to have his undead minions collect the bones of the fallen.
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): Then he used all those bones to create the BONE TITAN. Those are those huge bones see here in Doomwood.

«The Hero jerks back, surprised»

Hero: He made that thing?! How could anyone control something like that?

Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): I'd be happy to tell you… if you do an old Necromancer a small favor.

Hero: What do you need?

Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): I usually gather and sell spell components that can only be found here in Doomwood.
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): If you can gather them for me, I'll tell you everything.

«The Hero nods»

Hero: Deal.

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