Yuki Jin (Ninja): We did it!
Hero: The Blade of the Deep is a worthy ship.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Thank you. I really didn't know how that would go.
Hero: What do you mean?
Yuki Jin (Ninja): That was The Blade of the Deep's maiden voyage. I wasn't even sure if she would hold together.
Hero: You didn't test The Blade of the Deep?
Yuki Jin (Ninja): I did! Sort of. It rained once.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): … But not a single drop made it inside.
Hero: Listen, Yuki… now that we have the second piece there's something I have to tell you…
Yuki Jin (Ninja): What is it?
Hero: First, I need to go let the Kaze-Kage know that we have the second piece of the trident.
Hero: Meet me on the cliff just outside the village in the forest.
Hero: I'll explain there.

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