What is Summoning?

Summoning is a feature in AQ3D which allows you to invite a friend to play with you in your map. To do this, you will need to give your friend with your personal Summon Code which is called a "Summon Word".
When you open the Friends Options in the Main Menu, you are provided with two options.

Summon Friends

Clicking on this option will allow open up the Summon Word interface. Here, you can generate or copy your Summon Words for friends so that they can join your game. You are also given a Summon URL to give and copy to your friends if they are playing on the Mobile version.

Join Friend with Summon Word

This option allows you to join a friend's game if they have given you your summon word. Please note that-

  • Summoning will not always work. If the room is currently full for your friend, they will be placed in another instance of that map.
  • If you enter an invalid Summon Word, you will be booted out of the server with an error message.

If you are logged in and are on the Server List, you can join your friend from there as well, if you have their Summon Word.


The Summoning interface


Joining a friend with a Summon Word

If you enter a correct Summon Word, you will be disconnected from your current server and be relogged automatically. Afterwards, you will be prompted with a screen like this.


If you select Yes, you will be sent to the player's instance if it is available, and then you can battle with your friends!

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