Swidzle's Swindle Backfires


Swidzle (Sketchy Looking Dude): Here you are, my dear! Ten thousand souls… all for you!
Hero: Hey! Not so fast, you little…
Swidzle (Sketchy Looking Dude): Buddy! Good to see ya!
Hero: Don't "buddy" me! Give me those souls back, you thief!
Swidzle (Sketchy Looking Dude): Sorry! You're too late. Gluttonia's already devoured them all.
Hero: But… but those were MINE!
Swidzle (Sketchy Looking Dude): Finders, keepers, chump!
Swidzle (Sketchy Looking Dude): Now open the gates, Gluttonia! Ol' Swidzle's gettin' outta here!
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Oh, no you're not. You're not going anywhere.
Swidzle (Sketchy Looking Dude): WHAT?!
Swidzle (Sketchy Looking Dude): But… I brought you TEN TIMES what you asked for!
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Unfortunately, the price went up when you DESTROYED MY TOP SOUL HARVESTER.
Swidzle (Sketchy Looking Dude): Oops.
Swidzle (Sketchy Looking Dude): Gluttonia, baby, what can I do to make it up to ya?
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Well… I AM still hungry.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Maybe I'll just eat YOU.
Hero: GASP!
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): But I haven't eaten YOU.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Now, scurry along and bring me another hundred souls.
Hero: No.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Did you just tell me… NO?
Hero: This has been nothing but a trick all along, hasn't it?
Hero: You were never going to open the maw.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Looks like the game is up.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Pity. I was really enjoying our little back and forth.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Why are the cute ones always so much trouble?
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Why don't you join me in my sleeping chamber, traveler?
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): I know they say you shouldn't eat in bed…
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): But I really want to enjoy this.
Hero: O_O
Hero: Uh… I'm gonna have to politely decline.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Traveler, I'm disappointed. Don't you know true beauty is on the inside?
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): And soon… what's inside of ME will be YOU.

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