Tainted Phoenix Blade of Nulgath (Weapon)


Price: N/A

Sellback: 500 Gold
Level: 44
Power: Base 940 (+0), Max: 980 (+40)
Craft Time: 1 Day
Speed Up: 2,500 Dragon Crystals
Description: Anomaly Weapon

Nulgath's Influence has completed its corruption of the once-fabled blade.

The Perfected Phoenix Runes aggression has been fully unlocked through the forge. However, this blade's anomaly sacrifices everything to deliver deadly strikes to your enemies. You feel your life energy diminishing with every mighty strike you swing. With every foe you take down, you lose a bit of yourself.

Was this what Thok's warning meant all along?

Type Bonus (Base) Bonus (Max)
Attack +4,248 +5,000


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