Taking the Letter to Toru


Hero: Hello, are you Toru Sakamoto?
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): I am. Who might you be?
Hero: My name is <Hero>. I have a letter for you.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): I see. It is unusual that an outsider would be sent to us.
Hero: Yes, I was told that.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): Quite unusual…
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): … However, I am not one to question an order of the Empress Ai No Miko.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): If it is her will that you join the village, so be it.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): I am certain you were selected for your skill.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): You will be an asset in combating the plague of piracy that threatens our land.
Hero: I'll help however I can.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): Yes, I am certain that you will.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): But the journey from Akiba is long and you must be tired and hungry.
Hero: I'm fine. Actually, I'd like to get to work as soon as…
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): Go see Pi Mae at his Ramen stand. Fill your belly.
Hero: Uh… yes sir.

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