Talk to Angelisa


Angelisa (Fiendstress): Oh, aren't you simply delicious looking.
Angelisa (Fiendstress): Did you come here all alone?
Hero (Traveler): Why? Is it dangerous to be here alone?
Angelisa (Fiendstress): Only with me…
Hero (Traveler): What are you?
Angelisa (Fiendstress): Single.
Angelisa (Fiendstress): Are you in a relationship?
Hero (Traveler): What? Why would you even ask that?
Angelisa (Fiendstress): Oh, I'm just asking for a fiend.
Angelisa (Fiendstress): Don't you mean… A friend?
Angelisa (Fiendstress): Oh, you know the old saying…
Angelisa (Fiendstress): Keep your fiends close, and your enemies….
Hero (Traveler): Closer?
Angelisa (Fiendstress): Exactly what I was thinking. Come, sit with me.
Hero (Traveler): Whoa. Whoa. Wait… What is this place?
Hero (Traveler): … And why is everything RED!?
Angelisa (Fiendstress): We don't get many visitors here in Seleden…
Angelisa (Fiendstress): Close your eyes and taste the air….
Hero (Traveler): What… Is all of this?
Angelisa (Fiendstress): Things that once were, and will be again.

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