Talk to Seraphis


Seraphis (Fiendstress): Oh brave hero… Have I lured you with my beautiful siren's song?
Hero (Traveler): I didn't hear anything.
Seraphis (Fiendstress): Probably… Because I wasn't singing.
Hero (Traveler):
Hero (Traveler): Are you… Messing with me?
Seraphis (Fiendstress): *GASP* How could you be so cruel!
Seraphis (Fiendstress): My pets sing all around us and you do not even clap!
Hero (Traveler): I still don't hear anything.
Seraphis (Fiendstress): Perhaps you should close your eyes.
Hero (Traveler): No! I'm not closing my eyes.
Seraphis (Fiendstress): Tsk. Tsk. Then I guess I can't tell you the secret.
Seraphis (Fiendstress): Oh yes, I know why you are here….
Hero (Traveler):
Seraphis (Fiendstress): Brave hero, you simply must hear the song of my pets.
Seraphis (Fiendstress): Just close your eyes…
Seraphis (Fiendstress): Then… There will be a reward.
Hero (Traveler):
Hero (Traveler): Fine.
Hero (Traveler): Ok, my eyes are closed.
Seraphis (Fiendstress): Do you hear my pets?
Hero (Traveler): I… Do… Hear something.
Seraphis (Fiendstress): How wonderful, please clap!
Hero (Traveler): … I can't believe I'm actually going along with this.
Hero (Traveler): *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP*
Seraphis (Fiendstress): Oh brave traveler, you're so fun!
Seraphis (Fiendstress): Now it is time for the reward.
Hero (Traveler): Finally… What is my reward?
Seraphis (Fiendstress): Oh, the reward is not for you… It's for them!
Hero (Traveler):
Hero (Traveler): Son of a… HYDRA!

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