Talking to Borcus


Borcus: Oh, yeah. I saw that guy.
Borcus: He's got himself barricaded up in one of the nightmare rooms.
Borcus: Is it true he's got someone else possessing his body?
Hero: That's what I hear.
Borcus: Ha… man! That's actually not a bad idea.
Borcus: Too bad this loser wasn't smart enough to pull it off.
Hero: Yeah, well… he still might, if the real Franklin doesn't get his memories back.
Borcus: Oh, I saw where he hid those too.
Hero: And… you're just gonna tell me where to find them?
Borcus: Oh, yeah. No one here likes that guy.
Borcus: He's got those memories guarded by a bunch of his jerkface friends.
Borcus: No one's gonna be too sad if you beat them up, either.

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