Talking to Duke


Duke (Good Boy): Lemme out! Let me OUT, I say!
Hero: Hey, whoa there, buddy. I know how this place works.
Hero: If you're in that cage, there's gotta be a reason. Let's hear it.
Duke (Good Boy): I don't know! I swear, I've done nothing wrong!
Duke (Good Boy): Sure, I used to chase people's cats sometimes. But it was all in good fun!
Duke (Good Boy): I never, ever hurt them… Well, mostly I didn't…
Duke (Good Boy): But now I'm trapped here with this EVIL CAT for eternity?
Hero: Evil… cat?
Duke (Good Boy): Yes. Skratch is a FIEND, I tell you! And I man that in the literal sense.
Duke (Good Boy): He teases me… TORMENTS me!
Duke (Good Boy): But he is forever just out of my reach…
Duke (Good Boy): If only I could convince him I've done no wrong!

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