Talking to Skratch


Hero: You're Skratch, right?
Hero: Such a cute little kitty… It's hard to believe you're the one tormenting Duke.
Hero: What did he do, anyway? He really doesn't seem so bad…
Hero: Maybe you could consider letting him out for good behavior?
Hero: What do you say, buddy? Hmm?
Hero: What am I even doing? You're just a cat.
Skratch (Just A Cat): Just a cat… Just a cat…
Skratch (Just A Cat): Maybe you should give me something to chase, since I'm JUST a CAT.
Hero: Hey! You talk!
Hero: Can you go down there and talk to Duke? He'd really appreciate it.
Hero: Maybe you two could work something out?
Hero: Sigh. Or I guess you could just sit there and lick your paw.

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