Talking to the Head of Admissions


Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): Thank you for coming. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Hero: What's going on? I thought Franklin was free to go…
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): Right. Well, as it turns out, Franklin IS, in fact, innocent…
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): The problem is… that isn't Franklin.
Franklin (Totally Innocent): Gasp! How dare you? Of course I am!
The Real Franklin (100% Legit): No… Franklin is ME!
Hero: What the what? How are there TWO of you?
The Real Franklin (100% Legit): That guy stole my body!
Hero: Whoa. How, uh… did he do that?
The Real Franklin (100% Legit): I don't know! Most of my memories are still back in my noggin over there…
Franklin (Totally Innocent): So… you can't actually PROVE anything, then.
The Real Franklin (100% Legit): I KNOW WHO I AM!
Hero: Okay, so… who's THAT?
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): We suspect the person in the body is actually Rogg the Undying.
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): Real bad guy. He's supposed to be in solitary confinement.
Hero: And he's trying to use Franklin's body to escape.
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): That's what we think.
Franklin (Totally Innocent): COME ON! I'm clearly being framed!
Franklin (Totally Innocent): I can prove it! I, uh… I just need to…
Franklin (Totally Innocent): AUGH! YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!

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