Talking to Valencia


Valencia: Glad to see you've arrived!
Valencia: Welcome to Bastion, the best and last town in the Sandsea!
Hero: Thanks. So why are we here?
Valencia: Now that's a good question with an even better answer.
Valencia: Somewhere in the Sandsea lies a lamp that will grant its holder any wish they desire.
Hero: A magic lamp! Like the one in—
Valencia: Yep! You get the idea.
Valencia: I figured the lamp could be useful against Vane and the Voidrakar.
Hero: Yeah… I could think of a few wishes I'd make against Vane.
Valencia: Then again… if Vane or another baddie got to it first, that's bad news for everyone.
Hero: Yikes… now that's a disturbing thought!
Hero: So how do we get the lamp?
Valencia: I know it's located somewhere in the pyramids of the Sandsea.
Valencia: But accessing that region is beyond my talents, let alone surviving the dangers there.
Valencia: So that's where you come in, <Hero>.
Valencia: You must find a way to the pyramids and secure the lamp before Vane gets to it first.
Hero: Alright. So where do I start?
Valencia: Look around Bastion for any clues on finding the lamp and gaining passage to the pyramids.
Valencia: Oh, and try to keep a low profile.
Valencia: The guards in Bastion aren't too keen toward outsiders.

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