Talking to Vost


Vost (Chronicler): Welcome to the Underworld, <Hero>.

Hero: The Underworld? Am I…

Vost (Chronicler): Ha ha ha! No you're not dead. Not yet, anyway.
Vost (Chronicler): This cavern is a place where the mortal world and a section of the Underworld overlap, like two maps laying atop one another.
Vost (Chronicler): It's a gateway that Dage The Evil uses to send hid Undead Legion to the land of the living.

Hero: You seem to know a lot about it.

Vost (Chronicler): I do. My name is Vost the Chronicler.
Vost (Chronicler): Little is known about Dage The Evil… his past… his goals… the strength of his servants.
Vost (Chronicler): As a Chronicler, I am here to discover and record what I can about him and his past.
Vost (Chronicler): I have been here for a long time already but I've learned so little. Sadly, I'm no hero.

Hero: I am strong enough to get what you need, but you will need to tell me what I'm looking for in there.

Vost (Chronicler): I hoped you would say that. It won't be easy but I believe that you can do it.
Vost (Chronicler): There are chapters of a journal scattered around this cavern. I've seen them and I know they hold clues to Dage's past.
Vost (Chronicler): I also know that some of the undead creatures here hold pieces of the Undead Warrior Armor. They can be assembled to tell us even more.
Vost (Chronicler): I will send you out for the easier journal chapters and pieces of armor first. Return as soon as you find one of them.

Hero: I will.

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