Talyn's Revenge


Hero: Do you think the people are safe now?
Essa (DragonSlayer): I have arranged some places to hide in the hills around Brimston.
Essa (DragonSlayer): They are strong people but I will escort them to safety just to be safe.
Hero: I don't know what the tributes are but I'm glad we stopped this one.
Essa (DragonSlayer): You've done a great thing today, <hero>. These people will remember you.
Essa (DragonSlayer): My brother was right about you. You're something special.
Essa (DragonSlayer): With your help, Dragonlord Talyn doesn't stand a chance.
«Essa bows»
«Dragonlord Talyn stabs Essa»
«Hero charges at Dragonlord Talyn»
«Dragonlord Talyn blocks the hero's attack and the hero falls»
Dragonlord Talyn (DragonSlayer): The DragonSlayers are becoming an annoyance.
Dragonlord Talyn (DragonSlayer): Take a message back to Galanoth. Let him know that I'm not going to kill him myself.
Dragonlord Talyn (DragonSlayer): Tell him that I'm going to let him drown in flames with the rest of lore.
Dragonlord Talyn (DragonSlayer): The Great Fire Dragon will soon be bound to me…
Dragonlord Talyn (DragonSlayer): …And then I will watch his skin blacken and crisp like dry parchment.
Dragonlord Talyn (DragonSlayer): Pray we do not meet again.
«Dragonlord Talyn walks away»

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