Teacher Morgen


Morgen (Skeleton Summoner): Eh… Another skeleton stumbled into the portal…
Morgen (Skeleton Summoner): Weird.. This one still has skin on it.
Hero: Hello?
Morgen (Skeleton Summoner): By The Dark Fates! … Are you … Are you alive!?
Hero: 99.9% Sure
Morgen (Skeleton Summoner…. Instructor!): A NEW STUDENT!
Morgen (Skeleton Summoner): Ever since The Master went silent… *SIGHS*
Morgen (Lonely Skeleton Summoner): Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've seen another initiate?
Morgen (Skeleton Summoner): Seriously. Because I don't.
Morgen (Skeleton Summoner): It's dark in here… I haven't seen the outside in ages.
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): *whispers* Get on with the test, Necromancer!
Morgen (Skeleton Summoner): You don't tell me what to do, Doom Weapon!
Morgen (Skeleton Summoner): I've been studying the Dark Arts longer than you've been a shadow!
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): *whispers* <hero>, We don't have time for this. Summon a Skeleton and duel him.
Hero: Do what?
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): This floor's test is a SKELETON DUEL.
Morgen (Necromancer): Doom Weapon.. your Master does know how to summon a skeleton, right?
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): SHUT UP! My Master will conjure such horrors that the only thing you will be able to summon will be able to summon will be a dripping puddle at your feet!
Morgen (Skeleton Summoner): Chippy! It looks like you've finally got a new Challenger.
Hero: Go On! Summon and Duel mine. But you only get a few tries. After that, I will use you to make a new skeletal minion.
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): *whispers* He's not bluffing. That is the skeleton of his last Challenger.
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): *whispers* Do not worry, Master! At last we get to begin your training.
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): *whispers* Every Necromancer must learn to summon a skeleton.
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): *whispers* …And you need to keep trying until you can summon a skeleton strong enough to beat his!
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): *whispers* Let's get started! First, you will need some bone chips.

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