Team Up Against Skorpienne


Hero: Come on, Lord Sekt. You can't die now.
Lord Sekt (He's not dead… yet.): Why not? Skorpienne will see that everyone dies soon enough. I'm just beating her to it.
Zhoom: <Hero>! What's going on? Was that the Void King I saw leaving just now?
Hero: I thought I told you to stay with your rebels?
Zhoom: And let you have all the fun?
Lord Sekt: Wait -- Zhoom's still alive? How dare you deceive me, <Hero>!
Hero: Are you being serious right now? After all the nonsense you pulled!
Lord Sekt: Yes, well… I'm a villain. That's to be expected of me.
Lord Sekt: But I thought heroes carried themselves with more integrity.
Zhoom: What does a joke like you know of integrity?!
Hero: Whoa! Hold it. We've got bigger problems to deal with right now.
Hero: Skorpienne plans to destroy everyone -- Sandsea, Lore, everything! We've got to stop her!
Lord Sekt: What is this we? You think I'd willingly fight alongside him?
Lord Sekt: Ha! I'd prefer Death, thank you very much.
Zhoom: I'd be happy to assist you with that.
Lord Sekt: Okay, first I murder Zhoom and then I go back to dying.
Hero: Enough! Both of you!
Hero: Zhoom, you said you'd do anything to protect the people of this land, right?
Hero: Then set aside your differences for this moment and fight for the greater good.
Hero: And Sekt, if you truly believe that you're a ruler capable of leading the Sandsea, then prove it now by helping us stop Skorpienne.
Hero: Settle your differences on your own time. For now, we have a world to protect.
Lord Sekt: Fine… But what can we do? You't kill the Keeper of Death.
Hero: No, but we can keep Skorpienne occupied until Vane's poison turns her into nothing.
Lord Sekt: So we stall the Keeper until she's undone… That could work…
Zhoom: So what are we waiting for? Let's fight the Keeper of Death!

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