Team Voidrakar's Next Move


«Meanwhile at the Hollow Keep…»
Vane (The Void King): Are the pieces in place?
Azella (High Priestess of the Void): Yes… everything is going according to plan.
Azella: <Hero> has the lamp and is en route to see the Djinn.
Vane: And the "God-King"?
Azella: Behaving exactly as you assumed.
Vane: Predictable little insects… not aware of the web that's been woven for them.
Skarn (The Alchemist): Forgive me, but I do not see the benefit of all of this…
Skarn: The lamp is there for the taking… and with it, a wish for any number of things to advance our cause…
Skarn: With one wish… the Hollowing would be inevitable!
Vane: Is it not already?
Skarn: Y-yes, of course, but…
Vane: Do you presume that I, the Void King, require a "wish" to achieve my end goal?
Skarn: I meant nothing of sort! …I was merely--
Azella: Questioning the master's motives?
Skarn: Be slient, you insolent little---
Vane: Are you losing faith in me, Skarn?
Skarn: Of course not! I would never…
Skarn: I just have difficulty understanding why you resist utilizing such a magnificent asset.
Vane: Magnificent? Yes, I see why you would say that of the lamp.
Vane: Believe me when I say you were right to make me aware of the lamp's existence…
Vane: But where our mindsets differ is you think I would use the lamp to achieve a cheapened victory.
Vane: I am Vane the Void King!
Vane: My command of the Void is all that I require to Hollow this would out of the existence!
Vane: And if you do not have faith in that truth, then I have no need for you!
Skarn: Forgive me… it was not my intention to doubt you.
Vane: Then prove your loyalty by succeeding in your role of the plan.
Skarn: Yes, master… I will ensure that my part is executed flawlessly.
Vane: Good… I look forward to seeing the results of your work, Skarn.
«The Djinn's trail awaits… and what is Vane planning?»
«Turn in next time for the penultimate installment of the Sandsea Saga!»

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