The Ashamed


«Scene: The Hero speaks with Kincaid to learn about what he thinks about the clues found»

«Kincaid shakes both of his fists in anger »

Kincaid (Compensating): Who wrote this?!

«The Hero shrugs»

Hero: I don't know. I just pulled it out of Fleshette's Nightmare Labyrinth.

«Kincaid swipes at the air in anger»

Kincaid (Compensating): Well, it's a freaking LIE!

«Kincaid raises his fist in anger, before looking around, then puts his hands to his head in frustration, and finally slumping forward with exasperation»

Kincaid (Compensating): If you showed this to anyone else…

Hero: Relax. I didn't. This is just for you.

Kincaid (Compensating): That's right. My business is mine!
Kincaid (Compensating): Uh… Did… did you read it?

Hero: I had to. It could be a clue to stopping Fleshette.
Hero: Listen, Kincaid… it's clear that she wants you because of the fear she gets out of you.
Hero: The humiliation that it causes you when she… when you…

«Kincaid slumps forward in defeat»

Kincaid (Compensating): … when I wet the bed.

Hero: Right. That.
Hero: But I think if you own it, it might make you stronger against her.

Kincaid (Compensating): Yeah. Whatever.
Kincaid (Compensating): Just fight her so I don't have to keep giving her what she wants when she comes after me in my dreams.

«The Hero nods»

Hero: I'll do what I can.

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