The Ballroom Bookshelf

You have discovered an old bookshelf. Old books of highly suspect origin fill its dusty shelves. You will need to increase your reputation at the Masquerade of the Macabre to read them.

Flying Eyes Wide Shut
This book tells the late of a flying eyeball that went to a party that they should not have. Definitely not a book little eyeballs should be reading.

50 Shades to Slay
A book illustrating phantasms, specters, shades, and ghasts from across the world. Was secretly a huge hit with a certain segment of the ghost population.

Anti-Magic Mike
Despite its blatant themes against the arcane arts, a lot of witches reportedly purchased this book.

Bring it Oni
A lone Oni (an underworld monsters from Yokai folklore) attempts to assembe a teamof cheerleaders and complete to prove its worth.

- Beetlebrella?

Location: Great Banquet Ball Room

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