The Black Betty


Hero: What's going on? Where am I?
Aurelio Voltaire: You're on the Black Betty, of course! Did you hit your head?
Tük Pilfersnach: Ha! He must have had too much Moglinberry Juice last night!
Hero: Last… Night?
Aurelio Voltaire: Yeah, you were up pretty late playing cards with my crew.
Hero: Your crew?
Aurelio Voltaire: The crew of the Black Betty! Keep up, <Hero>, gosh.
Aurelio Voltaire: I rented them - And this ship - For our return to Skull Punch Island!
Hero: Our… Return to Skull Punch Island?
Tük Pilfersnach: That's right!
Hero: But… Doesn't that imply that we've been there before?
Aurelio Voltaire: Yes. And we have! But that happened in a different game.
Hero: Ugh… Maybe I DID hit my head.
Aurelio Voltaire: Oooo-kay, let's put a pin in that one for now. What's important is this map I found… To Cap'n Chumbeard's buried treasure!
Tük Pilfersnach: Buried treasure!
Hero: A treasure map! Whoa! Where did you find that?
Aurelio Voltaire: Let's put a pin in that one, too. What's important is that we have to get it back, and fast.
Hero: Get it back!? What happened to it?
Aurelio Voltaire: I, uh… Well, I lost it to my crew playing cards last night.
Hero: You LOST it!? But, Voltaire… They're YOUR crew! Does it really matter which one of you has the map?
Aurelio Voltaire: Well, that's the thing. It turns out, these guys aren't just any pirates.
Aurelio Voltaire: They're VAMPIRATES! And they are NOT playing nice!
Hero: Vampirates! That sounds bad.
Aurelio Voltaire: Yep, that's what I get for hiring a crew off of that monster website.
Tük Pilfersnach: Ba-dum tiss.
Hero: Okay, so… We just have to figure out which one of them has this map and steal it back.
Aurelio Voltaire: Soooo, about that. Did I mention that Vampirates aren't very cooperative species?
Aurelio Voltaire: After I lost the map, the crew fought over it. They tore it into THREE PIECES!
Hero: Can this possibly get any worse?
Aurelio Voltaire: You really DON'T remember our adventures, do you? Trust me, kid, you don't want to test it.
Aurelio Voltaire: Just find those three pieces as fast as you can. The sooner we have it all back, the snooer we can go after that treasure!

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