The Box Kahuna

Locations/Replays: Box Kahuna - Pointe Less Isle

Box Kahuna (Beach Bum): How's it, brah? I'm the Box Kahuna!
Hero: Nice place you have here.
Box Kahuna (Beach Bum): Thanks! It's not home but it's much.
Box Kahuna (Beach Bum): It's a cool place to crash when the waves are ankle busters…
Box Kahuna (Beach Bum): …and Pointe Less is the best place to get KLAWG KLAWS!
Hero: You really like those, huh?
Box Kahuna (Beach Bum): Totally my favorite food! The ocean shares her bounty and I partake!
Box Kahuna (Beach Bum): If you find any, come back here and I'll hook you up! Later, Benny!

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