The Caravan Issue


Lord Sekt: You certainly took your time getting back.
Lord Sekt: Is the situation at the ruins settled?
Hero: For now. But the commander stationed doesn't know how much longer they can fend off the Voidrakar.
Hero: Their supplies are running low, to say nothing of the rising number of injured guards.
Lord Sekt: And the point you're making is…
Hero: They need supplies and more guards!
Lord Sekt: Ugh… there's always a problem I have to solve…
Lord Sekt: We'd have to call in troops from across the desert to reinforce their numbers… that'll take time…
Lord Sekt: But we should have plenty of supplies stockpiled to offer the commander.
Chombi: Actually, Lord Sekt, our stockpile is nearly depleted…
Lord Sekt: What?! How is that possible?
Chombi: Caravan deliveries across the desert have been attacked and ransacked for some time now.
Lord Sekt: Well, this is the first I'm hearing of it…
Chombi: Actually, it's not…
Chombi: Fahad has been here frequently to address the matter.
Chombi: You've continued to say you'd look into it…
Lord Sekt:
Lord Sekt: Then it must have slipped my mind, what with all the other troubles that demand my attention!
Chombi: Of course, Lord Sekt. How right you are.
Lord Sekt: That said… seeing as how we now have <Hero> at our disposal, perhaps they can resolve this matter for the caravan.
Chombi: Brilliant thinking as always, Lord Sekt.
Hero: Wait — I'm helping who with the what-now?

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