The Caravan Issue Resolved


Hero: Consider the caravan situation sorted.
Hero: Seems a Sand Witch named Tor-Kei was responsible for the caravan attacks.
Lord Sekt: A turkey sandwich did all of that?
Chombi: I belive <Hero> means a witch of the sand variety -- not an actual sandwich.
Lord Sekt: Ah, of course! I knew that…
Lord Sekt: And did you say the witch's name was Tor-Kei?
Lord Sekt: Chombi, why does that name sound familiar?
Chombi: Tor-Kei came to your temple ages ago, demanding that you make people stop laughing at her name.
Chombi: And when you couldn't stop laughing every time she said her name, she vowed to get her revenge.
Chombi: …To which you said you'd like to see her try.
Lord Sekt: Oh, well then… She certainly backed up her claim.
Lord Sekt: But guess who's laughing now, Tor-Kei!
Lord Sekt: Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Lord Sekt: Me — the answer is me!
Chombi: Yes, that appears to be the case.
Hero: Uh, hi. I'm still here.
Lord Sekt: Yes? And what is it that you want?
Hero: Permission to enter the next pyramid…
Lord Sekt: Ah, yes. The Pyramid of Gar-Feld, the Keeper of Sand.
Lord Sekt: If you want in so badly, then I guess I could arrange that…
Lord Sekt: Though once you're inside, you may wish that I had never let you in…
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