The Chilling Truth


James McAllister: The log you found… It's chilling.
James McAllister: It sounds like he was alive while the Xenoscythe nanites broken down his body…
Hero: …And reconstructed it with Xenoscythe particles?
James McAllister: Forming the hybrid, yes. That's my theory.
Hero: Why would they want to do that?
James McAllister: They myst be using other species to… To evolve, or… To improve their own genetic profile.
James McAllister: I'm guessing that's why they brought us here.
Hero: But why are YOU still intact if no one else is?
James McAllister: I'm not, <Hero>.
James McAllister: I've known for a while now. Suspected, at least.
James McAllister: My helmet was programmed to download and store my consciousness if I died.
James McAllister: The nanites weren't able to stop it.
James McAllister: They're what's powering my suit - They've already consumed my body.
James McAllister: But I'm the one in control.
Hero: It can't be too late to save you! I won't give up.
James McAllister: It was already too late when you got here.
James McAllister: All we can do now is make sure it can't happen to anyone else.

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