The "Cleric"'s amulet


The Cleric: He's not hallucinating… He hears the call of my amulet.
The Cleric: It does possess the powers to prevent his death.
Hero: The amulet that Kragan Zul just stole has the power to save Victor?
The Cleric: Indeed.
Hero: Then I guess I'm going to have to steal it back.
Ramsey Brightflame (Paladin of the Golden Onslaught): But how can we possibly go up against Kragan Zul again without Victor's help?
Talida of the Sun (Paladin of the Golden Onslaught): He took Victor out so easily. You will stand no chance!
The Cleric: Naive paladins… You have been fighting alongside <Hero> without any clue of what <he/she> really is.
The Cleric: But I saw <him/her> fight. Follow my instructions, <Hero>, and gain the power to fight Kragan Zul.

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