The Crimson Army


Wulf (DragonSlayer): Greetings, Kord. Who is this?
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): <Hero> helped Senna set up camp, took down Lava Lord Gorm and slew the dragon Valek single handedly.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Galanoth made <hero> an honorary DragonSlayer and signaled the start of the hunt for the Great Fire Dragon.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): We are here to see that the Crimson Circle does not stand in Galanoth's way. Report.
Wulf (DragonSlayer): Dragonlord Talyn has hired the Crimson Circle magi to summon an infernal army for him.
Wulf (DragonSlayer): Once they set up those portals, a non-stop stream of hellish beasts began pouring out.
Hero: Then we close the portals.
Wulf (DragonSlayer): No questions? No chit chat? I'm going to like you. But it's a little more complicated than that.
Wulf (DragonSlayer): A week ago there were THOUSANDS of monsters.
Wulf (DragonSlayer): Now there's only what you see here. As much as I want to just assault them head on…
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): …The DragonSlayers will need to know what happened to the rest of the army.
Wulf (DragonSlayer): Exactly. First, we get answers, then we shut them down.

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