The Dragon Graveyard


Alata (Fairy Dragon): Thank you for helping her.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): I'm Alata, assistant to the Zakaru the Caretaker.
Hero: I'm <Hero>. What is this place?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): This is the Dragon Graveyard.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): At the end of our long, natural lives, dragons are drawn here.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): This is a place where they know their treasure Hoards will be safe and their bodies will rest undisturbed…
Alata (Fairy Dragon): … Well, it was like that once.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Now the Defilers are ruining everything!
Hero: Slow down. What's a DEFILER?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Grave robbers. The worst kind.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): The dragons that die here release a lot of their Dragon Magic.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): You can see the magic infusing everything in this crater.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): The Defilers have come to harvest their bones, scales and even siphon the Dragon Magic…
Alata (Fairy Dragon): … They sell it for profit to the highest bidder.
Hero: They violate the dead? That's awful!
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Oh, it gets worse! They also steal their treasure!
Hero: Taking a dead dragons's treasure is worse than harvesting its body parts?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Of course it is!
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Don't you know anything about the afterlife?
Hero: No, not really. I've never been there.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Well, it's just about the worst thing that can happen to a dragon.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): I sense Defilers near one of the troves now!
Alata (Fairy Dragon): It's probably BLACKJACKAL and his crew of Defiler thieves…
Alata (Fairy Dragon): …They have to be stopped!

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