The Dream Warrior


«Scene: The Hero speaks to Kirsten»

Kristen (Dream Warrior): Hey, you're <Hero>, right? The hero?

«Kristen shrugs»

Kristen (Dream Warrior): You fight monsters and stuff?

«The Hero laughs»

Hero: Don't worry. I'm already trying to find Shrade.

«Kristen slumps forward in exasperation»

Kristen (Dream Warrior): That's not… ugh, I need your help with something else.

«Kristen scratches her head»

Kristen (Dream Warrior): I need you to kill a nightmare… before it kills us.

«The Hero waves the issue aside»

Hero: I've got a little more to worry about than bad dreams.

«Kristen shakes her fists at the Hero, visibly frustrated»

Kristen (Dream Warrior): LISTEN, PLEASE!

Kristen (Dream Warrior): There's something after us. All of us.
Kristen (Dream Warrior): Her name is FLESHETTE and she kills people in their dreams.

Kristen (Dream Warrior): If you die in the dream then you die in real life.
Kristen (Dream Warrior): I know it sounds insane but I've seen it happen.

Kristen (Dream Warrior): She's after everyone in this cabin.
Kristen (Dream Warrior): We've been trying to stay awake but… I don't think we can for much longer.

Hero: A dream killer? How can I help?

Kristen (Dream Warrior): I'm not sure, but maybe since Fleshette isn't after you, you can fight her.

«The Hero nods»

Hero: Alright. How do I get into the dream?

Kristen (Dream Warrior): Anyone who falls asleep here goes into her Nightmare Labyrinth.
Kristen (Dream Warrior): Just get into that bed behind me.

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