The Empath


«Scene: The Hero speaks with Taryn to learn about what she thinks about the clues found»

«Taryn shrugs»

Taryn (Self-Medicating Empath): This note explains is why Fleshette is after me?

Hero: I guess so. I found it in the Nightmare Labyrinth.

«Taryn scratches her head»

Taryn (Self-Medicating Empath): Fleshette wants to add me to her "collection" because I can see into people's dreams?
Taryn (Self-Medicating Empath): I've always been very sensitive to other people but…
Taryn (Self-Medicating Empath): … this makes it seem like I can read mines or something.

Hero: Taryn, I think you can.
Hero: I think that's why things get so hard for you sometimes.
Hero: Why you try so hard to turn off your brain.

«Tarvyn brushes the worries aside»

Taryn (Self-Medicating Empath): I can handle myself. I don't need you to fix me.

«The Hero nods»

Hero: I can't fix anything for you. That's on you.
Hero: But everyone here is your friend.
Hero: I'm sure if you needed help, you could go to them.

«The Hero nods»

Hero: You're all in this together.

«Taryn nods with a thoughtful look on her face»

Taryn (Self-Medicating Empath): You're right about that.
Taryn (Self-Medicating Empath): Sharing these nightmares has linked our minds in a way.
Taryn (Self-Medicating Empath): I… won't promise anything, but I'll try to help them… and myself.

Hero: I think that's a good idea.

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