The Eternal Maw Found


Hero: Well… Here we are. The Eternal Maw.
Hero: It sure will be nice to GO WHERE WE NEED TO BE and not just end up somewhere random again.
Seary (Hottest Poet in the Oversoul): I swear, I didn't know you could do that!
Hero: Man… imagine if we'd gone straight to Nulgath's lair when we first arrived.
Hero: Instead, we've given him so much extra time to prepare.
Seary (Hottest Poet in the Oversoul): But then you never would have gone to the Forge, <Hero>.
Seary (Hottest Poet in the Oversoul): You wouldn't have the weapon that might actually let you beat him…
Hero: Mmmh. I guess you're right.
Seary (Hottest Poet in the Oversoul): Of course! I would never lead you astray.
Hero: Alright, fine. Let's just get out of here.
???: Stop!
Hero: Oh, no. What now?
Help Makai 1001 (Customer Service): I'm so sorry, but there's been a mistake. I can't let you leave.
Hero: Come on. man! That other guy cleared us to go!
Help Makai 1001 (Customer Service): Yes, well, I've been sent by the Head of Admissions herself to bring you back.
Help Makai 1001 (Customer Service): Please come with me. I promise, we'll get this sorted out!

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