The Fiendstresses Wasteland Send Off


«***Sometime later…***»
Angelisa: We have waited so long…
Evangelina: The time is finally upon us…
"The Cleric": Our prophecy shall be fulfilled…
Evangelina: Yes, the prophecy. "… A great foe with the heart of a lion which we must darken."
Angelisa: …"Only when they close their eyes and see the Light of truth."
The Cleric: "The gateway will be reopened!"
Evangelina: The traveler will try heading to the Wasteland. Should we kill him now?
Angelisa: No! <Hero>'s cute.
Evangelina: Gagh! You'd think wart-infested zombified Frogzards were cute, Angelisa.
Angelisa: One… Wart infested, zombiefied Frogzards ARE cute.
Angelisa: Two… We can always kill <him/her> later. After we've had our fill of fun.
Evangelina: Hush, you! <He/She> is formidable. What if <he/she> interferes?
The Cleric: Of course <he/she> will interfere. <He/She>'s a hero.
The Cleric: <He/She> really thinks there is still some sort of way to win.
The Cleric: Optimism is a chronic sickness of their kind….
Angelisa: Is… There a way <he/she> can win?

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